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Learning Stories

Learning Stories

Learning Stories – empowering stories for early learning educators, children and their families.

This mini e-course introduces early learning educators, caregivers, and students to learning stories that capture, lift up, and share the everyday yet extraordinary learning of infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and young children in their programs.

A FREE gift for challenging times

The 3 Rs for Children’s Learning in a Covid-19 World

3Rs for Children’s Learning in a COVID-19 World are Reflect, Reassess, and Reimagine. This mini-course was inspired by the words of Deb Curtis and Lorrie Baird who, in Deb Curtis’s book Really Seeing Children, urge educators to see how the actions of our hands tell children how we see them.

In this mini-e-course we explore how we can celebrate the ways we are able to touch children’s lives even in the midst of a global pandemic.

Story Power: Help Children Grow and Thrive in Today's World

In this course we will explore ways in which parents and educators can be more intentional about affirming and building qualities within young children that nurtures their thinking and problem-solving, their creativity, empathy and resilience in a world of rapid change. (This course is found on our early learning teachers’ site, Early Learning Café)

I’m delighted by the framework you set out in your Story Power course, Susan. I love your strong statement that “Children are the main characters in the story of their lives.” What a powerful gift you’re offering the community with your thinking and teaching. 

– Ann Pelo    

Story Power: Help Children Grow and Thrive in Today's World rating

I really liked that you activated us to remember the power of pedagogy and our invaluable relationship with children and families. It was lovely content, ideas, and ways to center our minds and hearts during such uncertain times. Thank you!


This course helped open my thinking in ways that I hadn’t considered before taking the course. The instructor has a confident, gentle, yet compassionate, delivery and her knowledge is based on experience. So much more than just the facts, she leads you in by the heart for the benefit of children.


I really enjoyed the layout of this course and the material. I like the new meaning to the 3 R’s and how each one was gone through and explained. I thought it was cool how the topic of our hands was mentioned throughout, and all of the content covered made me think about my own classroom and all the children I teach. I found it all helpful!


My favourite part: The actions of our hands tell children that we care about them, we are listening to them, we see their strengths, we value their curiosity with them and learn alongside them.


I loved this course! I especially enjoyed Susan’s calm, thoughtful and inspiring stories, and her offerings of reflections. I have been on this journey for a while, and appreciate someone like Susan synthesizing these ideas, etc. In this world of social isolation, I found in this course a reason not to feel down, but to be eager to continue with my work with adults and children – to help us better to connect with one another. Thank you.


Never heard about looking at your hands with regard to teaching children.  I am looking at my hands differently.


Susan is very easy to listen to, watch and learn from. She has a calm confident presence and conveys her expertise with a gentle sharing yet authoritative approach throughout her delivery, lessons, the workbook and the underlying most valuable intention she has of growing resilience. I will certainly be recommending this to everyone I know in education and with children in their lives, including parents.


This was my first course on this platform, and I enjoyed it. I like that it was something we are all going through currently. I also liked that within each section the course was broken down into smaller sections. I found that it really gave me time to take in the information instead of how a lot of courses are done where you are just being given a 40-minute lecture to watch at once and 20 pages of information.


I have been an educator for many years. I found this course to be a refreshing confirmation and reminder of best practices when helping children develop and refine leadership skills. It has encouraged me to continue to expand my relationships with children in ways that will encourage them to be resilient problem solvers. Thank you for the opportunity to deepen my knowledge of ways to do so.


Loved listening to this e-course. Found it very inspiring and hope to be back in the class very soon so I can put some of this into practice. It is always good to hear other people’s perspective on things. It makes you think. Thank you for this e-course. I have really enjoyed it.